Fostec P6

Fostec P6 is a ready-mixed animal lick for use as a summer lick. It can also be utilized as a phosphate carrier in other animal licks. FOSTEC and VoerDokter combined their expertise to develop a phosphate lick with extraordinary advantages to the farmer.

Product registration no V25590.

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Your No 1 supplier of Plant, Animal and Human Vitality!

100% organic - Phytoplankton Power!
Your 100% natural and organic way to
detox and improve your health.
Fostec P6
Your # 1 ready-mixed animal summer lick!
Fostec P6 with 20% DE
Your # 1 ready-mixed animal summer lick!
Fostec P12 with 20% DE
Supplies the producer of livestock with
a 12 % phosphate administering.
Diatoms Concentrate
A highly concentrated, two-in-one product that
enhances the growth of animals and heals
animals internally.
Diatoms Rolling Compound
For external application to game, cattle,
and horses - they roll in the product which is
spread on the ground.


As of 2021 CropChanger is regarded as a necessity for all crops - this is according to the 2021 scientific magazine Plant Physiology and Biochemistry.

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