Diatoms Rolling Compound

diatoms rolling compound
Diatoms rolling compound in bag

Diatoms Rolling Compound is distributed by Agri Silica SA in agreement with DFL for external application to game, cattle and horses that roll in the product which is spread on the ground.
Cattle farmers and horse farmers do not have to dip or spray their animals anymore.
Diatoms Rolling Compound is spread on the ground in the animals's kraals and with time the animal will roll in the compound and kick it up, creating a diatomic environment that addresses the external aspects.
The game farmer also uses Diatoms Rolling Compound to treat his game for external parasites. It is sprinkled in game frequented areas like those close to waterholes. With time the game will roll in the compound and kick it up, causing the compound to stick to the animal's skin. This addresses the external parasites which would otherwise be impossible.
Resistance does not occur. Diatoms Rolling Compound has also achieved organic certification.
This means that for the first time now the cattle farmer, horse farmer and game farmer can use a natural product.

  • Required application for horses and cattle is approximately 500kg. 400kg is spread on ground in kraal and 100kg hung at the gate entrance in hessian bags where the animals rub against the bags when walking past. For game application 500kg spread in 4mx4m area especially near waterholes.
  • Diatoms Rolling Compound is not affected by rain.
  • Can also be used where lions and cheetahs are bred.

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