Diatoms Concentrate

diatoms concenctrate sample
Diatoms Concentrate 10kg bag
diatoms concentrate sample

Diatoms Concentrate is distributed by Agri Silica SA in agreement with DFL.
Diatoms Concentrate is necessary for the internal health of sheep, goats, cattle and horses.
Diatoms Concentrate can now be administered as a feed additive to ensure internal animal health.
This eliminates the hassles of dosing, and parasites do not build up resistance against product.
Diatoms Concentrate has many applications, mostly for internal parasites in all animals (and can even be administered to your beloved pets).
For animals larger than 10kg, mix one tablespoon of Diatoms Concentrate with food; for smaller animals mix one teaspoon of Diatoms Concentrate with food.
For livestock mix 1/3 Diatoms Concentrate with 2/3 coarse salt and administer ad lib to the livestock that will eat sufficient to get rid of internal parasites, ensuring improved food absorption.
The recommended weight of Diatoms Concentrate to be mixed into animal feed is 2% of the weight of the feed.
It is recommended that the farmer compares faeces samples before and after the addition of Diatoms Concentrate to the feed.

  • Diatoms Concentrate is a highly concentrated, two-in-one product that (1) enhances growth of animals and (2) ensures internal health of animals. Diatoms Concentrate sustains your animals, especially through drought.
  • Unequaled mineral supplements that are 100 % organic and function in a mechanical manner.
  • Diatoms Concentrate is patented, has European Union accreditation and is also certified organic.
  • Product Registration no V20435

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