About us

Agri Silica SA established in 2008

Agri Silica SA is part of Solfos, an established company supplying quality fertilizer for the past nine years. The same company also manufactures animal feed (phosphate lick) under the trading name Fostec. Two of their products, Fostec P6 and Fostec P12, have been proved in the market with very good results. According to all testimonies the animals using the products are doing extremely well. At present these are the first products on the South African market with Diatomaceous Earth as part of the registered formula. This technology was included in the formula, as an organic solution for intestinal health. Diatomaceous Earth will also improve feed conversion and the uptake of important trace minerals like P and Ca.
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With the Diatoms For Life marketing campaign the product Fostec P6 was established nationwide at all KLK Co-op branches throughout the Northern Cape.

Fostec also sells a first-rate compost (Fostec Kompost ) registered as such, by act no. 36 of 1947. The basis contain mostly wood-product.

Agri Silica SA was established in 2008 with the aim of developing, packaging, marketing and the distribution of Silica containing products.

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