Fostec P6 with 20% DE

Fostec P6
Fostec P6

Fostec P6 with 20% DE is a ready-mixed animal lick for use as a summer lick. It can also be utilized as a phosphate carrier in other animal licks. FOSTEC and DIATOMS ORGANIESE DIEREGESONDHEID combined their expertise to develop a phosphate lick with extraordinary advantages to the farmer.

The addition of 20% diatoms with14 trace elements, is believed to improve the absorption of nutrients, especially calcium and phosphate. Just imagine what an influence this super lick will have on the condition of your animals!

  • The internal health of animals is drastically improved by adding important minerals like phosphate.
  • Your #1 ready-mixed animal summer feed!
  • Product registration no V20182.

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Your #1 ready mixed animal summer feed!

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